Monday, March 4, 2013

Week #9: The Last Time

This is the last time I'm asking you this
Put my name at the top of your list
This is the last time I'm asking you why
Won't you go on my Death March training ride?

So here it is. What seemed like an incredibly long stretch of winter prep at the beginning of January is now in it's final days. After nine weekly check-in posts and countless play-throughs of Taylor Swift's "Red" album (at least a couple of which were not in my car nor initiated by me so I feel validated), we have reached Death March week. It's funny how this feels like the end when it is actually the beginning. I'll soon be able to produce race reports at least every 2-3 weeks from now until December. I've just been so focused on making it to this checkpoint in my season, that it feels weird almost being there.

For the first time since 2010 I get to say it: the hay is in the barn. I know this to be true, although I'm not feeling very confident at the moment. I spent most of the last week with a lingering headache, sore throat, and general sense of malaise that kept my training pretty light and resulted in my spending most of Thursday at home in my pajamas trying to force my immune system to do its job. I was able to get out for one last recon ride with Erik yesterday, but I don't feel like I rode well at all, and the sore throat and headache are still around this morning. At this point, all I can do is treat my body as well as possible and hope it does the same for me on Saturday.

The illness and return of cold weather made for another picture-less week, so I guess I'll just show you how I entertained myself while trying to rest and get well on Thursday. Overall, it was kind of a failure, as I didn't get well, and "Speedway Wheelmen as Game of Thrones Characters" did not come off as hilarious as I'd originally hoped. I pulled a punch with this one, choosing to make myself and my partner the two worst characters on the show, when it would have been funnier to use our teammates/rivals/best fremenies for the weekend, Scott and Janelle, instead. I've already meme'd Scott once this season, though, so it seemed unfair. I guess we can all be friends again in a week, right?

Also, I'm apparently now cultivating a dynasty of OVCX Cat 4 men's champions, so perhaps choice of myself as Cersei Lannister is appropriate after all?

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Jez Andrews said...

Well done for sticking to your training and getting through the winter. Hopefully you'll reap the rewards come race days.

As for Cersei well shes just a character I love to hate! Which is what makes the books and series so good!