Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Want It Wednesdays: Women's G.S. Panache Bib Short

After a few months of super regular posting in the form of Monday morning race reports, I was a little worried about keeping up with material through the winter. My training-related activity since my last post can pretty much be summed up by saying that I've been picking up a lot of heavy stuff frequently, riding a fair amount of base miles, and this past weekend I went on a Sub-9 Death March recon ride with my Speedway Wheelmen teammates that would have provided some good photo opts had I not been riding myself cross-eyed trying to keep up. I suppose I could post another Lady Gaga video (Eh, eh, there's nothing else I can say), but I'll spare you that. So in the interest of finding something to post through the winter, I've decided to participate in Want It Wednesdays.

Long-time readers will know that I've been in pursuit of the perfect pair of bib shorts for years, and that a couple of years ago, I got pretty close. I actually did get officially perfect bib shorts and lycra knickers from Voler as part of my 2011 Velo Bella clothing order, and even though I changed teams, I still ordered a pair of bibs from the 2012 Velo Bella order as a back-up pair. Unfortunately, the 2012 bibs were radically different in a bad way (FAIL!). On the Speedway Wheelmen side, we are using Pactimo, so I just shelled out a big chunk of change to make sure we met the team minimum on the women's custom version of the bibs I reviewed a couple of years ago. On the pair I have at home, the cut and design were good, but the chamois was a little weird and ill-placed. We'll see how the new team bibs work out.

Anyway, all of this got me wondering if there were greener pastures in the women's bib world that weren't available when I really dug into this a couple of years ago. (What's Katie Compton wearing these days??) In all of the team clothing discussions, someone linked to the Panache site and I realized that they have a lot more retail clothing than they did a couple of years ago. I have a men's-cut Panache kit at home, and while it doesn't fit me that great, I was really impressed with the quality and construction. So I was kind of intrigued when I saw they have now have a retail women's bib.

I probably won't be trying a pair anytime soon, since my bib supplies are high and my budget is low right now. (Unless a Panache rep wants to send me a pair to review. This blog gets like 50 page views on a good day, you know.) However, they are definitely pretty high up on my want list.


And just because this has been sitting in my pictures folder forever and I can't even remember why, here's something relevent to my recent training:


Jez Andrews said...

Hi Lindsay! Thanks so much for joining in my linky party!! Great to have you on board.

Love your post on the shorts....reminds me of something I'm wanting too!!

Just a couple of things though. I try and hold the want it Wednesdays on the second and south Wednesdays of the month and link peoples post from mine so everyone gets maximum impact and hopefully more page views. I'll still link this post to mine from last week for you though :).

Also your link to mine doesn't work!!

Hope to see you in future linky parties!!


Lindsay said...

Sorry about that. The link is fixed.


Jez Andrews said...

No worries at all, it all a bit confusing at first!

I've now put a link to your blog post from my last want it wednesday post (if that makes any sense!)

Alvano Richie said...

Best bib short i ever have,panache is comfortable. bib stays in its place and wont slide down.
i bought with my Bella Clothing and love to have..