Saturday, November 6, 2010

Don't Call It a Comeback

"Don't call it a comeback; I've been here for years" - the cyst on my pancreas

The reason that I haven't posted any news since the Berryman Epic is that I've spent most of the time waiting on news myself. As I mentioned in my race report, my stomach was messed up the week before the Berryman Epic, and I think the lack of proper nutritional intake was what slowed me down so much. The week after the race was spent waiting and hoping my digestion would come around and I would get my strength back for the Storm the Greens CX race. When I didn't, Jason's pre-race pep talk call turned into a discussion of gallbladder symptoms and I spent the weekend waiting to talk to my doctor on Monday. I spent Storm the Greens camped out in the Shamrock Cycles tent, which is fun, but not as fun as getting to race first and drink after. (I figured whatever was wrong, I probably shouldn't pour hard cider on top of it.)

When I went to the doctor on Monday, she poked around on my abdomen and made the initial guess that it was, in fact, my gallbladder. I had blood work and an ultrasound done and then spent most the week waiting for results, and worrying about a future of compromised ability to break down dietary fat, just when I'd really started to fall in love with dietary fat. (Butter is my methadone and without it, I might go back on the hard stuff: Ben & Jerry's). As it were, I was nearing three weeks with compromised ability to break down dietary anything, and the ~1000 calories a day I was able tolerate weren't really cutting it.

On Thursday, I finally got the long awaited call with some unexpected, but not really surprising news. I get to to keep my gallbladder, but a baby pancreatic cyst that discover during a previous abdominal incident after my first Ouachita Challenge is apparently all grown up and pressing on the organs around it. No wonder I feel more full than usual after eating. So I still have to have an MRI next week, but the upshot is that I will have to have surgery of some sort and my CX is 99% likely to be over.

I'm disappointed but not devastated. I was looking forward to one more month of racing, especially since I've been enjoying 'cross much more than I have in a couple of years and placing better, as well. I spent the first half of the season waxing nostalgic about the old days when I was a 'cross devotee, but lost the love when I was repeatedly handed ass-whoopings by every new girl who rolled each weekend during the early explosions of the American Cyclocross Boom of 2007. When I started this season and realized that I could hold my own better than in the past, the famous opening lines of L.L. Cool J's "Momma Said Knock You Out", came to mind. Unfortunately, my threshold power isn't the only thing that's been growing since 2007.

The good news is that I should still be healed up in time to still get a good base for spring, and with the 11 pounds that I've lost since August, and the weight I will continue to lose until I get a full-time appetite back, I will likely be a much better climber next season. So I guess I will report back with my progress once all of the tests are done and the timeline has been established.

"I'm gonna knock you out, Momma said knock you out." - Lindsay to cyst


Emily said...

Oh Lindsay Rodkey, you are far too gangsta for me....AND THE CYST. I believe in your immune system's magical healing power of phagocytosis and exocytosis and white blood cells and immunoglobulins and all those other team players. They will be having a party after your cyst removing shenanigans. I can't wait to send you the care package I've been thinking up. Maybe I can even manage to come visit and spoon feed you like a little baby infant. Just kidding. That was too weird. That's maybe my style though? OMG I LOVE YOUUUUU. You must join us on our ICEMAN adventure next year. We needed you. I miss you tons. Love, Emily XOXOXO. Smooches and stuff. Cuddly fluffy puppies and rainbows and sprinkled cupcakes.

Emily said...

I should have written, "Sprinkled cupcakes with raspberry frosting and a bag of chocolate from Piper that I randomly show up at your office with to deliver. Love, Emily."

I miss living in the same town. <3

2011 is going to kick ass. I honestly believe having this cyst removed is going to change your life in terms of cycling. The cyst has been holding you back. It probably releases dangerous toxins that cause your body to be unable to recover correctly, or something like that, you know? It's definitely not helpful, I can say that.

Mary Sunshine said...


I hope you heal up quickly!! So sorry to hear you are going through this.