Tuesday, May 4, 2010

One More Good Thing

I just remembered one more good thing from the weekend. In keeping with tradition, I've been trying to think of a theme song for the 2010 race season. Also keeping with tradition, it has to be something that was released before I was in junior high. So when I was hammering over the rocky singletrack of the orange loop, feeling like I might just make it to checkpoint to in time after all, I started mentally singing this ode to my hardtail:

She rode a fast machine
Kept her saddle clean
She was most color-coordinated woman that I've ever seen
She was sighting her lines
From her Taiwanese bike
Leaning through the corners with her American thighs
Winning more than her share
Had me fighting for air
I sprinted for the line but she was already there

Must focus on this visualization before my next race.


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Nicole Borem said...

This analogy totally cracked me up! Hits it right on the nail head for sure. Keep up the good work!