Thursday, March 26, 2009

She Has Danced Into the Danger Zone

Soooooo tired.

After 2.5 of the 3 relatively butt-kicking weeks of this training cycle, I'm starting to hurt. It all seemed pretty manageable as I ticked the workouts off one at a time. Now I'm in the last day of the next-to-last block. I just need to make it through the workday and a two-hour mountain bike ride tonight and then I get a day off tomorrow.

I think my real problem is that I've the far, and things are looking thunderstormy for my the big four-hour mofo singletrack ride that I had scheduled for Saturday. Then Sunday has a high in the 30's and a chance at snow. That's a three-hour road ride day.

Damn. I forgot it was still March.

I'm so close to pulling off a perfect training cycle. I WANT MY BIG MOFO SINGLETRACK RIDE!

I realize I'm getting a little too caught up in the details again, as I tend to do lately. My actual written down goal for March-June was to follow my training plan without blowing off any days. I figured I needed to get that accomplished before I could hope to achieve anything performance-wise. During my initial consultation with Jason, I all but blatantly stated that I wanted a totally easy sandbagger program for the first month, just so I could prove to myself that I could follow a plan again. The plan I actually received was anything but easy sandbagger (at least not to me), but I'm thisclose to having pulled it off, anyway.

I just need to breath, have a snack, sleep a lot the next couple nights, and take whatever Saturday's weather brings.

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Jason Hilimire said...

Keep plugging away!! You're doing incredible and the improvements will come quick!!